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A Rhode Island Spotlight Feature Video

Helping Hands

Every month volunteers help needy homeowners in South County with repairs and maintenance - a lifeline for some to stay in their homes. Neighbors Helping Neighbors RI provides the materials and the manpower at no cost, and has grown significantly since the effort began several years ago.  This month Jim Hummel interviews two leaders of the group, who talk about the impact the non-profit organization is having in the southern part of Rhode Island.

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I’m Jim Hummel and this month’s Rhode Island Spotlight focuses on a volunteer organization whose name pretty much says it all: Neighbors Helping Neighbors RI. Our story is made possible by VIBCO  - a prominent Rhode Island manufacturer for more than 50 years that has grown into a nationally-known company based in right here in South County - just like Neighbors Helping Neighbors.
From the sawing.
To the nailing.
To the shoveling.
And the hammering…
It was a busy - and productive - weekend last month, as dozens of volunteers fanned out across South County to tackle construction projects that the owners of these homes could not afford to do themselves.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors RI is the outgrowth of a Faith in Action group based out of St. Andrew Lutheran Churchin Charlestown. Three years ago the group formed its own non-profit organization and has grown to 125 members that go well beyond the church.
The focus: people in need living in South County
Plunkett: ``In order for them to stay in their homes, sometimes they just need a boost.’’
Greg Plunkett is a retired school superintendent from Connecticut who now lives in Charlestown. His expertise is on the administrative side, helping line up and coordinate the volunteers.
``And there are places where they can go to get clothing, there are places where they can go to get assistance for heat, there’s places they can go and get assistance for food. As far we know, we’re one of the only places who can help them with repairs to them homes. And so we feel in a small way we can help somebody and help them stay in their home and stay independent.’’

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