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Something About the Water

Autism and water. It has proven to be a magical combination for thousands of children across the country participating in a program called Surfers Healing. Last month 180 autistic children and their families descended on Narragansett Town Beach for a day that many found hard to put into words. Jim Hummel was there to capture it.

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By 8 o'clock on a Saturday morning in September the waves are slowly starting to build under crystal clear skies at Narragansett Town Beach. It's a good omen for hundreds who will arrive shortly for a day of surfing.
 And while there are professional surfers here from California and Hawaii - the focus will clearly be on 180 autistic children. They and their families have descended on Narragansett from as far as Maryland for a program called Surfers Healing. It is the 5th year the day-long camp has been held in Rhode Island.

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